The goddess of small things

Various important reminders – mostly from groundhogmum this week that perspective matters and small does not mean unimportant.

Her day is often built of small things – and each one of those things matter.  Moving a hairbrush, forgetting to leave a door open, not putting something away, mis-matching socks,  may seem like a small thing to me, but it doesn’t take many of these for say a whole getting kids to school routine to be completely derailed.

Her day is like a tower of kids blocks. Move just one and the planned out day can come crashing ‘hey ho rumble oh’ to the ground.

This counts as a small apology – and a commitment to do better in the future at watching the small things, and helping to maintain that precarious balance.


East Lothian dad. Likes bad jokes and comic songs. Mostly tired, tries to stay cheerful. Thinks space is awesome. Would like to write more code and better docs.

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