Abundance in the midst of poverty

What a lot of great articles there were yesterday – I’ve had a fun time just reading through a fraction of the contributions for Blog Action Day.

Ian McKenzie (Ian’s Messy Desk) offered a nice straightforward list of practical suggestions Blog Action Day: How To Eliminate Poverty as did Ibrahim over at Zen College Life Blog Action Day: Poverty

Lifehacker had a rich set of contributions  during the day. I enjoyed the pragmatic guide to fighting poverty by getting rid of your old kit  Donate Your Old Hardware to Those Who Can Use It [Blog Action Day 2008] and Gina Trapani’s very personal and obviously heartfelt take Two Great Charities at Work to Beat Poverty [Blog Action Day 2008], however the one that struck a chord for me was Jason Fitzpatrick’s article  Attack Poverty Through Literacy [Blog Action Day 2008] which very neatly echoed the Sidonie Gabrielle quote that “Real poverty is lack of books.” used by Henrik Edberg in Three Timeless Thoughts on Poverty over at ‘Personal Development with The Positivity Blog’

Four Easy Reasons to Ignore World Poverty from Charlie at Productive Flourishing contained some eye popping statistics as well as knocking fown the type of myths and woolly-headed thinking that prevent people from doing more to help. A tack also taken by Jay White in  The Poverty Myth over at Dumb Little Man who soundly

Celine Roque at Web Worker Daily wrote a very thought-provoking piece about her own experience of the empowering nature of web work Blog Action Day: Web Work as an Alternative to Overseas Worker Migration

LJ at  the SimpleProductivityBlog.com in Blog Action Day – Poverty suggested lots of ideas for helping locally while Ellie from Living The Law Of Attraction Don’t Fight Poverty… Support Abundance! showed that there are no geographic boundries to helping others on a personal and individual level through networks such as Kiva which I’d not been aware of before. Agentsully at Life Learning Todayalso mentioned kiva as one of her many simple and straightforward ideas in Blog Action Day 2008: Poverty, When You Help Others You Help Yourself

In both articles there was a distinct message that by focusing on the positive rather than the negative – that creating abundance not tackling poverty should be our aim. A thought given an intersting twist by Though Abraham-Hicks on the Economy – Charles Fillmore’s Prosperity – For Blog Action Day ‘08 who picking up on Ellie’s article showed that poverty through not making the most of your resources is a sin.

Who would have thought that poverty could produce such rich pickings.


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