The missing words round

Comparing the three versions of the lists this morning the first thing I’ve spotted is some discrepancies between my sources:

Sun’s own list and the Sierra and Bates book don’t include the reserved literals null, true and false  Given that Kathy Sierra is credited as one of the co-developers behind  the Sun Certified Professional 1.4 exam  I’m guessing these three are unlikely to be asked about in any keywords questions.

assert is also missing from my edition of the Sierra and Bates book. As it was only introduced in Java 1.4 it could just show the age of my source material

enum is also missing from both my books. As this was introduced as a Java 5.0 feature again this is down to the age of my source material.

Reading round there are more features in 1.4 and 5.0 which we’re not using fully at work, and which annoyingly won’t be covered in my books. I’ll have to cross reference what I have with the latest Java Tutorial  and set myself a few wee exercises to make sure I’ve understood these fully.

Also a timely reminder to me to always check my sources, and even just that things change.


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