Having the balls for it …

I’m going in for a vasectomy today. It seems silly to be nervous or even embarrassed about a routine operation under local anaesthetic which I know that many of my friends have had. Perhaps it would feel more routine if blokes talked more about such things.

I want to maintain the positive attitude that I’ll recover quickly.  At the moment I have a lot of reasons to. Life doesn’t slow down. Christmas is fast approaching, I’m starting a new challenging role at work next week and on Monday I might be helping out at a maths challenge being held at number one daughter’s school.

I’m imagining I’ll be sore as hell over the weekend, but at least there are plenty of distractions.


East Lothian dad. Likes bad jokes and comic songs. Mostly tired, tries to stay cheerful. Thinks space is awesome. Would like to write more code and better docs.

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